An intimate event featuring fire, art, performance, and music

SHIFT Festival

Thanks for a great 2017!  Keep an eye here for 2018…

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Get ready for a weekend campout full of music, art, performance, lights and fire presented by Tectonic with help from our local community!

Tickets for 2017 closed; 2018 to come!

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What you saw and heard in 2017…

Art, Attractions, and Music for SHIFT 2017

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SHIFT Festival Wants You!

To volunteer for work parties, LNT, on-site shifts, represent your theme camp or art, and more!

Count me in!

Important Dates

2017 Ticket sales closed!

Keep checking this website and “like” Tectonic on Facebook to stay up to date on music, art, and spaces. This is an intimate event, and 2018 will sell out quickly.

Ticket Launch Party

Our SHIFT 2017 launch party was a huge success!  Were you one of the lucky few to come meet’n’greet the fab leads team, sample some of the PLATES team noms, view some art, and find out where your talents and skills might fit in?  We’ve got some photos and good memories to share, so keep checking out Tectonic’s website, FB and Instagram to stay informed!

Upcoming Work Parties

Tectons (Tectonic camp members) work all year ’round to keep the party going.  Would you like to join our next work party? Come to a craft night?  Join a crew? Become a lead?  Drop us an email!

Things To Know

Shift Festival is a 4-day camping-based gathering in the ethos of TTITD. We strive to create a culture of fun and appreciation for art, music, and expression, while stressing the importance of taking care of yourself while in nature.

Read up on our Ethos, things to bring, things to leave at home, and other general information.


Things to know