Get Involved

Thanks for your interest in Getting Involved with Shift Festival!

To ensure that all our volunteer shifts– from pre-festival work parties to LNT– are completely staffed, we’ve implemented a volunteer ticket reimbursement policy. Purchase the ticket that you can afford, complete 12 credits of volunteer shifts, and we’ll reimburse you the cost of your ticket after the festival! In addition, volunteers working 12+ credits receive two meals every day from the staff kitchen, Tectonic PLATES!

Remember: to earn a reimbursed ticket you need to sign up and work enough shifts that add up to 12 volunteer credits.

  • This can be done across departments.
  • 12 credits does not necessarily mean 3 shifts. Some shifts are shorter, some longer, and some are weighted differently.
  • If you have questions, just ask!

UPDATE: There are no departments or shifts available for SHIFT Festival 2017.  Thank you for your enthusiasm for participating!  Please purchase your ticket for SHIFT ASAP; we will sell out!

Questions? Email