“I have one goal: make your booties wiggle til you drip with sweat. If you aren’t ready for a rump-shakin’ good time, bass beats that make you twerk, disco samples you have to sing along, and a whole lot of smiles, stfu what’s that all about? Come see me play anyway.” – Mienne


Mienne has always been a performance artist. Her involvement in underground dance culture began more than a decade ago, initially as a belly dancer and event producer, where her natural sense of movement and rhythm – and desire to share her artistic passion – translated gracefully into her journey as a DJ. Her Libran love of balance (and variety!) makes her uniquely adept at setting a sonic scene that elicits journeys across desert tundra, through the expansiveness of space, and SPLAT onto a jiggling subwoofer. Whether it’s G-house or West Coast Bass, you can expect to see smiling faces and feel your booty wiggle.